The National Football League – When the Party Is Over

Bernie Kosar. Broderick Thomas. Tiki Barber. Rocket Ismail. Life after playing in the National Football League is a bleak one for many of its players. For the millions of fans that fantasize about playing in this wonderful league, the average career for an NFL player is less than four years. Whether it be retirement, injury or being dismissed; it all comes and goes so rapidly.

Many players experience a post-career identity crisis. Gone are the huge paychecks and celebrity status, the locker room jokes and friendships, the hotels and airplane rides. In fact, nearly 80% of NFL players are broke, divorced and unemployed within two years of leaving the game.

Hundreds will continue to believe that they can make a comeback to the game. They will spend money on resources such as agents and trainers that they believe will help them land a spot on a roster. Others will continue their lavish spending as if the paychecks are still coming in. Some even take on business ventures that leave you wondering where they are getting their advice.

In terms of relationships, it’s unfortunate to say some wives may have married for the wrong reasons; status. Once a player has retired, he is no longer coming and going. Many of those conversations now have to be completed with their wives. And when a marriage ends, she almost always takes half. Regardless of what little wealth may be left. One cannot forget the child support many of these player’s end up owing. Antonio Cromatie of the New York Jets has fathered nine children by eight women and in 2010 was given $500,000 to cover outstanding child support payments.

There are many non-profit organizations that assist former  เว็บแทงบอลปลอดภัย ufabet professional athletes in this lifestyle transition. Northwestern University in Illinois hosts an annual summer workshop to educate NFL players on business. Few players take advantage of such programs. Players are also encouraged to put money into the NFL’s pension program. An alarming number, however, do not.

Those that have studied this topic have come to a conclusion. The problem is many of the players have been playing for so long, they never developed any type of real world skills. Additionally, they weren’t allowed to work jobs while in college and essentially everything was paid for them; no experience managing money.

Sure, the memories and experiences the NFL provides these players will last them the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, so should your mind, wealth and body.

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