Searching For a Belly Fat Cure? 4 Reasons That Are Preventing You From Having a Flat Tummy

Searching for a belly fat cure? Tired of struggling with the wiggling and jingling fat around your waist? Frustrated with the lack of results no matter how hard you try?You are not alone-millions of American are on the same boat as you. Belly fat seems to be the hardest area to target when it comes to weight loss. However, no matter how bad your genetics is, losing stomach fat is not impossible. Here is a list of 4 common mistakes that people make when trying to lose belly fat:

1 Don’t aim for the fastest results. “Fast” means nothing but failure in the weight loss dictionary. Come up with a balanced diet/exercise strategy that will produce results. Stick to that strategy with determination. Everyone has periods when progress comes to a standstill. Don’t let the standstill discourage you. Just because you can’t lose abdominal fat overnight, does not mean you can’t lose belly fat at all.

2 Proper nutrition and targeted training go hand in hand. Diet by Sarms for fat loss itself will bring wight loss, but can actually prevent your body from losing belly fat. Why? Because most of the weight that is lost will come from the lean muscle, not from the body fat.

3 Stop concentrating on traditional abdominal exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts and side bents. It’s a myth that you can lose abdominal fat if you target the stomach area ONLY. Direct abdominal exercises should be a small portion of the workout regime. Cardio and weight lifting are equally important.

4 Cortisol…the name of your enemy. The search for belly fat cure is not easy. Bad genetics, hard work and unsatisfactory results can often discourage us along the way. No matter how hard we try, abdominal fat just stubbornly resists to disappear. The reason in most cases is called cortisol-a hormone produced by the human body under stress.Since dieting is quite stressful for many people, it triggers the overproduction of cortisol in the body. This, in turn, results in the accumulation of more visceral fat around the waist. So the more we diet, the more cortisol is released in the body and the more abdominal fat is deposited. In this case blocking the effect of cortisol is the only way to fight stomach fat successfully.

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