How You Define Winning In Football Will Affect All You Do

It is important to let players and parents know what the coach defines as “winning” at the start of the season. In their developmental years, kids really do “win” at soccer or, for that matter, any other sport if they have fun with their friends; learn enough about the game to become a fan; and get some ufabet ทางเข้าบอลสเต็ป healthy exercise. Numerous studies show that while kids certainly enjoy winning contests, their short attention span allows them to quickly forget the score in the last game, at least until some adult makes a big deal out of it.

In addition, because kids are naturally more focused on their own performance than on the performance of the group, kids can be perfectly happy if they had a great game themselves even if the team lost in a blow-out.

Because kids have these wonderfully short memories and an ingrained focus on “me”, any coach can have a “winning” season by setting the kids up to succeed at some task in every game and praising them for this accomplishment. Of course, a good coach also wants to teach them to work together and to whittle down the “me” focus a bit. Therefore, good coaches will include some team objectives that encourage the kids to work together (e.g., “Let’s see if we can get 3 passes in a row in each quarter”). So, don’t be afraid to use a long-term focus and to define “winning” in a way that gives everyone a fair chance to succeed.

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