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A mixture of both the Youth Band and Senior Band went on a Tour to Paris and Belgium.In which we did three lovely concerts.

After spending a day travelling on Saturday, Sunday we had a day in Disneyland Paris where lots of us put our fears to the limit,goin on all the big rides!

Monday we had a guided Tour of Paris visiting many well known places like the Eiffel Tower and the spectacular Notre Dame Cathedral.

The next five nights we spent in a Hotel in Belgium where we visited a Belgian Chocolate Factory, shopped 'til we dropped and had fun on the local Sandy Beachs.

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On the Bandstand in Disneyland Paris. Paul with his balloon before it floated to the ceiling in the restaurant we ate in later that day.    

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         Anyone would think Anna was scared about goin on this ride  Space Mountain!

Castle.jpg (32953 bytes)

Spectacular Finale to our day at Disneyland.

drunk.jpg (54909 bytes)

Before or after Gav's drunk? Who knows!?

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This was a ride in a Paris Fair which just a Ben, James, Emma, Me(Zoe) and Hannah were brave enough to go on!!

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One of our more active nights on the Belgium Seafront!!

Gav.jpg (61995 bytes)

"My mother said that I never should......."

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Out on the Seafront again taking advantage of the many activities available.

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Our first concert in Ypres.

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The Horn Sections starring moment playing 'Hey Jude'

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Our Second Concert in Bruges.


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